About Us

Marvel Decor Ltd. (Formerly known as Accumax Interior Products Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading company for window covering products. Marvel takes a pride to have the largest range of products; only company having 14 types of blinds with more than 2000 shades under one roof. Having its two factories in Jamnagar, Gujarat and a Sales office at Mumbai; Marvel is the First Indian Company to get ISO 9001-2000 certificates (Now upgraded to ISO 9001:2015) in Window Covering Industry. Marvel has taken blinds into residences of India, wherein the trend of using blinds was only in commercial spaces initiating a revolution for the window covering industry. Having largest and efficacious design, Research and Development, Quality Control, Productions, Strategic planning and a robust Sales and Marketing segment has made Marvel what it is today.

Carrying its legacy of technical expertise and background right from the beginning, its business and marketing strategies standing out from the crowd made its own mark has helped Marvel to reach at its peak and made Marvel to be known as one of the elite brand. Marvel has made its own way to be the pioneer of the industry with its robust technology and its marketing presence across the nation with the right quality, service and adherence to its commitment. Technical expertise has helped to create a base of largest range of products by its continuous nature of innovations and modernization bringing in the contemporary designs and technical aspects. This has enhanced Marvel's reach by introducing 330 Galleries under the brand name "Marvel" in 224 cities across the nation making it the largest network of the industry. 2 Lacks sq. ft. spread factory inclusive of manufacturing unit and the stock hold area has helped it to live up to the fastest dispatch commitment. Having a greater vision since its beginning Marvel has begun with the proper system & process and ERP system in order to ensure smooth transition, on time delivery and enhancing the quality.

Marvel is the only brand across the nation which has initiated and developed state wise mini factories to enhance the business reach with a fastest delivery commitment. Customer's comes first; Marvel's trait of being timely and making our clients purchase worth by delivering the supreme standard products with effective pricing will let us to keep it going. Ensuring the minute aesthetics, fashion convergence and paying attention to every acute detail has made Marvel to serve at its best. We truly believe to maintain our quality standards of our products and put in our continuous efforts to make it better and deliver the elite standards to our clients.

Marvel strives to be a leader in the window covering fashion industry, and to be the best in everything it does, from the products it produces or adapt to the systems and processes acquired. Having a greater vision towards the business and society, Marvel has always been a trendsetter with aggressive marketing approach, out of the box thought process; it has standardise the living delivering international standard range. Marvel is a one stop shop for the needs of the window covering range inclusive of the products which aren’t easily available in the Indian market with a notion of providing better living to the society and making lives more pleasant.

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